The purpose of this article is to introduce an alternative form of car shipping of your vehicle internationally. This method is often call called “RO/RO” which stands for roll on-roll off. Honeybee has been helping customers shipping their autos by using RO/RO service for more than 30 years.

Below is some helpful information as follow:

It’s most basic form RO/RO ships are very large and design to carry vehicles large and small on many levels. Vehicles are driven on ramps and parked on the various decks of the ship. Different than container shipping vessels, RO/RO allows customers to pay only for a “parking spot” rather than a full container. The vehicles once inside will be secured to the deck using straps and blockings. Roll on and Roll off process is managed by port workers and there is no need to pay storage, crating, port delivery, packing etc. This fees free process helps to keep the price low!

Note: Shippers not allowed to ship personal goods using RO/RO! In other words, you cannot fill the car with your personal items or goods. You can include spare tires or factory fitted accessories. And the vehicle must be in running condition otherwise will be extra charge occur by the carrier.

Nowadays, you can ship various types of vehicles, such as, trucks, buses, boats, tractors, cranes, travel trailers, motor homes, excavators or other heavy machinery vehicles.


  • On average RO/RO shipping is often less expensive than container shipping
  • Oversize Cargo
  • Often construction Equipments or other oversized vehicles are too big even for the largest shipping containers.
  • Available in many ports in the world.
  • Less expensive that other forms of shipping


Before we can ship your vehicle internationally, you will need to make sure that you have the proper documentation for your vehicles. These documents are required by US Customs and the customer need to provide a certain documents to our shipping department before they can proceed with the RO/RO process.

A) You should have available both the original and three copies of the title. The copies will need to be notarized. If there is any lien (a loan) on the vehicle, you will need to obtain a letter from the lien holder. This letter must include specific authorization from the lien holder allowing the vehicle to be transported to it’s international destination. The letter will need to be provided on letterhead from the lien holder and include signature, date, and contact information for the lien holder. We do need the following information for your vehicle, year, make, model, and vehicle information number (VIN) must also be included in the letter.

B) After reviewing and approval by US Customs, they will stamp an original and dock receipt. This stamp will have a mark indicating “Export Approved.” Original titles will then generally be returned to the local shipping line agent at the port and then send back to the client. Other times, the vehicle may be rapidly cleared at the port and the documentation is handed directly to the shipper or property owner. It is important that any self propelled vehicle being transported obtain US Customs clearance. This clearance is done to verify that a vehicle is not stolen and has a free and clear title. Without US Customs approval, the vehicle can not be transported.


First, clean out the inside of your car and remove all personal items. Absolutely nothing can be remain inside the vehicle when it is being transported. The car must be empty! You should also consider removing anything that has been added on to the car to avoid damage. Make sure that everything is in good working order with your car. The vehicle should be transported with approximately a quarter of tank of gas. You will also need to send the key with your vehicle and one spare key keep it with you.


Keep these tips in mind when using RO/RO to ship your vehicle Internationally.

— Remove all personal items from the vehicle

— Make sure the vehicle is clean and in good working condition

— Check all fluids, the tires and test the battery

— Have a quarter tank of gas in the vehicle

— Keep an extra copy of your keys for yourself

— Make copies of all documentation including a notarized copy of the title and keep the documents with you (hand carry if you are traveling/relocating)

Honeybee International Inc. Shipping has been helping clients transport their vehicles internationally using RO/RO services for over 30 years. Contact them today for your personalized shipping quote or for any shipping questions you need.

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