Containerized shipping is the most flexible method of shipping available, Honeybee can deliver a container to any residence or commercial location in the USA.

Containers can hold  commercial goods and vehicles. All cargo must be secured in place for safe transport, if loaded in our location. Whatever it’s a personal or commercial shipment, Honeybee can help.

We do work directly with the most dependable auto shipping carriers in the world to offer frequent and reliable sailings to worldwide destinations.

The auto shipping process starts at your door. Our staff ensures a hassle-free experience by handling all declarations, original title validations and customs documentation we do for you.

Your vehicle can be exported in two equally secure ways:

1. Roll-On/Roll-Off (RO/RO) shipping is available to dozens of destinations, such as (Aqaba, Dammam, Beirut, Jebel Ali, Umm Qaser, El Khoms, etc) and is the most cost-effective method. Our nationwide network of insured auto carriers can safely pick your vehicle up from your home or place of business, and quickly deliver it to the nearest sea port serving your destination. RO/RO involves your vehicle being driven on and off of ocean vessels by dependable port service providers. Think of a giant, floating parking garage where all of the vehicles are secured in place inside the vessel, never on the deck of the ship. The only limitation for this type of shipment is that vehicles must be empty of all personal effects and merchandise.

2. We also offer containerized auto shipping, where vehicles are secured inside steel shipping containers at our location. Containers can safely hold any other cargo as well, such as furniture and household goods. If you are shipping multiple vehicles, we can safely load your autos into a single shipping container at many of reliable auto loading facilities across the cities in USA. Whatever your auto shipping needs are, Honeybee has the experience necessary to handle your shipment with care. 

We Provide Safe & Affordable Cargo Services

Honeybee International Inc. is the worldwide leader in vehicle shipping services.