Worldwide Transportation Services by Air & Ocean

2301 S Tubeway Ave.,

Commerce, California 90040

NVOCC# 15973N       I.A.T.A.# 01-1-9817-0013


  1. International Transportation: Honeybee is an international shipper and freight forwarder. We ship, via ocean or air, various products to the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia. We ship from any location in the U.S. and have more than twenty-five (25) associate freight forwarders around the world.
  2. Exporting: Honeybee exports ready-made clothing, computer products, silicon, automobiles, furniture, medical supplies, food supplements, and plastic molding machines from the U.S. to Arab countries.
  3. International Business Consulting: Honeybee has consulted a variety of U.S. companies. Company consultation services include conducting business negotiation between U.S and Arabic companies in the Middle East, providing legal advice, establishing investment companies in the U.S. for Arabic clients, and purchasing real estate for Arabic investors. We also conduct research for opportunities in the U.S on behalf of Arabic investors.
  4. Number of Employees: Honeybee relies on its dedicated employees to handle all aspects of the business. We currently have ten (10) full-time employees, and independent contractors.


Our staff can handle all of your shipping documents such as:

  1. Making your Invoice, Packing List and Certificate of Origin.
  2. Issue your Insurance.
  3. Negotiate your Letters of Credit with Banks.