Honeybee International
is privately owned and founded by Mr. Samih Abushousheh, a U.S. citizen, born in Jordan in 1943. The company's name was Boutique Fashions, which was located in Irwindale, California and specialized in exporting ready to wear clothing to the Middle East area, especially Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region. In 1979, the company expanded its operation to cover more areas in the Middle East and added many divisions. The primary new division was responsible for acting as an agent for Middle East clients interested in the latest technology and products made in the United States. The third division was responsible for consulting U.S. export companies and advising them of the relations, legal requirements and providing them with market research about their target market in the Middle East. Honeybee International is incorporated under California law and is registered with Dunn & Bradstreet under registration #14-4487485. The current location of Honeybee International is 2301 S Tubeway Ave., Commerce, California 90040.

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Worldwide Transportation Services by Air & Ocean

2301 S Tubeway Ave.,

Commerce, California 90040

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